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          Gouging machine - the main features of machine tools
          Source:www.madebyeugene.com | Author:pmocf50f0 | Publish time: 2017-10-26 | 2599 Views | Share:

           1: The machine adopts high strength steel plate welding, after heat treatment heat preservation tempering to eliminate the welding internal stress, high strength, good stability.
          2: The processing workpiece is sent from the front end, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, high degree of automation, easy and fast operation.
          3: The working face is independently adjustable, and the cutting accuracy can be controlled at 0.02mm.
          4: The tool holder adopts servo drive, large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.
          5: The spindle adopts pinion and rack transmission, with strong rigidity and small resistance, greatly improving energy efficiency and saving energy.
          6: The position of the planing groove adopts servo CNC positioning, double screw synchronous transmission, accurate positioning, good parallelism.
          7: After the machine tool, the positioning platform is connected through steel tubes to ensure the flatness of the plate surface and reduce errors caused by deformation of the plate surface.

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