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          Purpose of stainless steel planing machine
          Source:www.madebyeugene.com | Author:pmocf50f0 | Publish time: 2017-08-06 | 4202 Views | Share:

           The emerging medium and high-grade building material decoration industry at home and abroad has put forward higher requirements for metal decoration materials, that is, the radius of edge arc of the metal sheet workpiece after bending is as small as possible, and the surface of the metal sheet shaken workpiece has no refraction. The bending section shape of metal sheet workpiece is more complex, which can reflect the designer's fashionable design style.
          At present, the traditional forced bending and free bending, and even the three-point bending technology has been unable to bend the attached figure 1 shown in the metal sheet workpiece, that is to say, bending alone with the bending machine bending metal sheet workpiece can not meet the designer's design requirements, can not reach the high-grade decorative class and decorative effect. Thus, a novel bending technology emerges: firstly, v-shaped grooves are made on the sheet metal, and then the sheet metal is bent on the bending machine.
          I. Technological characteristics of V-shaped slotting for metal sheet before bending

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