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          Do you know the classification of CNC grater?
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           CNC grooving machines can be divided into two categories:

          1: Gantry high-speed CNC grooving machine
          2: Vertical high speed CNC planing machine
          Product details:
          1: Gantry CNC grooving machine
          1-1. Characteristics
          RGEK CNC grooving machine seat and beam are designed with frame structure. 60mm low-alloy and high-strength structural steel is used for the working table. Q345 steel plate is used for the frame.
          Strictly in accordance with the processing technology of machine tools, using electric furnace tempering, eliminate welding stress and reduce equipment deformation.
          Through sand blasting treatment to ensure that the paint coating effect is excellent.
          The frame is processed by CNC three-dimensional machining center, which ensures the parallelism and perpendicularity of each mounting surface.
          Cross - beam chip feed, low noise, stable working condition
          Double guide structure, cross beam running more smoothly
          X axis has the function of input control, the operator can better control the workpiece
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