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          Sheet metal slotting machine Slotting machine operation sequence
          Source:www.madebyeugene.com | Author:pmocf50f0 | Publish time: 2017-03-25 | 2818 Views | Share:

          1. Blow the platform clean with air pipe first, no iron filings and other sundries are allowed;
          2. Place the metal sheet on the platform. The beginning end of the plate should be aligned with the first pressure foot.
          3. Determine the position of the tool head. If it is not in the correct position, it can be corrected according to "origin alignment".
          4. Check whether the blade is in good condition and whether it is necessary to change the knife (white steel is needed for the planing iron plate, and alloy knife is needed for the planing stainless steel plate);
          5. The tool changing shall be operated by a special person. The alloy tool changing shall be padded with 35mm high tool block;
          6. After the preparation work, input the calculated bending size into the machine, and pay attention to the error of the first knife (the error is obtained from the actual measurement), and leave the pressing plate margin for the last knife;
          7. After the input work is completed, press the "groove preparation" button after ensuring that the first knife is no less than 8mm, and the first knife is planed. After the body is withdrawn and the position "OK" flashes, press "beam backward" to move the beam to the next knife position, and press "Knife rest forward" to execute the next knife, and so on and so on until all the sizes are finished;

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