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          Operation rules of CNC planing machine
          Source:www.madebyeugene.com | Author:pmocf50f0 | Publish time: 2020-03-08 | 2745 Views | Share:

           I. Concentrate on working time, strictly observe operating rules, and ensure safe operation.
          Second, cut off the power supply before adjusting the equipment.
          3. Make accurate adjustment according to the required size. Special tools should be used during adjustment.
          Four, pay attention to the pressure between the Angle cutting blade and the bottom shaft, after the blade and cardboard gently cut. Micro adjustment to prevent injury of knife edge.
          5. Before work, the paper feeder should be adjusted to the same straight line and parallel to the working shaft.
          Vi. During adjustment, it shall be noted that the paper splitting knife shall be used in a complete set with moderate clearance and suitable pressure for line pressing wheel.
          7. After adjusting the working size, check whether the locking parts should be locked and whether the chain tightness is appropriate. Remove all miscellaneous items on the equipment. 8. Make sure the oil level of the exposed oil cup is appropriate when starting the machine, and then start the machine to run at a low speed to observe whether the rotation is abnormal. Improve the working speed after all transmission parts are completely lubricated and there is no abnormal sound of the machine rotation.

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