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          Economical and practical slot machine found in Shenzhen Machine friend CNC equipment Co. LTD
          Source:www.madebyeugene.com | Author:pmocf50f0 | Publish time: 2015-06-25 | 2118 Views | Share:

           Nowadays, the bend radian that the requirement in industry of adornment of international stainless steel is more small had better, only such ability reflects the metallic aesthetic feeling that gives stainless steel, the method that solves this one problem on international at present has two kinds: the first kind is 3 point type to bend machine, but the price is high (move then millions of YUAN), and the effect is not apparent. The second kind is VKB type slotting machine, which can v-type slotting machine for stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, copper sheet and its safety metal sheet, so that the radius of edge arc of the bent workpiece is very small, meeting the special needs of high-end consumption places such as five-star hotels, shopping malls, Banks, airports and clubs for decoration.
          Before v-shaped bending forming, v-shaped planing machine is used to make a certain depth at the bending of the metal sheet, and then the v-shaped planing machine is used to make the shape at the v-shaped planing groove. This processing method is called V-shaped planing groove bending forming technology. The bending workpiece made by VKB grooving machine has the following characteristics: small bending fillet radius, no obvious color change, small bending force, and reduce the straightness error of the bending edge of the narrow and long workpiece. And in the ordinary bending machine with the general mold can be bent section shape complex workpiece.

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