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          Welcome to visit the official website of Shenzhen Jiyou CNC Equipment Co., LTD!
          Integrity Service year 11
          Shenzhen jiyou CNC equipment Co., Ltd?
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          Integrity management of the consistent purpose! Know the customer's needs, for the customer's request, urgent customer's thought! For the same product, our quality is better. For the same quality, our price is lower. For the same price, our service is better.
          Shenzhen jiyou CNC equipment Co., Ltd?
          Official websitewww.madebyeugene.com

          Our company was founded in 2009, has been committed to the "CNC sheet metal V-groove planer" research and development. After more than ten years of exploration and efforts, in the sheet metal equipment industry, with solid technical strength, exquisite production technology, strict quality management system, ultra-high cost performance, in line with the national conditions of the sheet metal industry, in the industry

          Many manufacturers of consistent praise, product marketing at home and abroad more than ten cities. Quality assurance, timely service, is a powerful guarantee of your productivity.

          CNC sheet metal V groove planer is our company's flagship product, independent research and production, the equipment is mainly used in advanced building decoration, brand shop decoration sheet metal, hotel

          Decoration sheet metal, senior lighting accessories processing, cabinet stainless steel products, stations, subway and other places of stainless steel engineering.

          Since the establishment of our company, adhere to independent innovation, brand enterprise, quality win, quality and efficiency of the industrialization road, based on the market, a solid walk every

          Step. We always adhere to the "good faith, innovation, quality service, common development" business philosophy, and trade partners from all walks of life friendly cooperation. With the time

          To build a harmonious team; "Make great efforts to build a first-class enterprise" is the company spirit, based on the society, return to the society, to build a harmonious enterprise at the same time, to build a harmonious society

          I will make my due contribution. We are willing to join hands with you to create a prosperous and brilliant tomorrow!

          Corporate philosophy: honesty, innovation, quality service, common development.

          Quality policy: win credit by quality, develop by science and technology, guide by market demand, serve with satisfaction as tenet.

          Quality commitment: advanced technology, excellent material selection; The reliance on computer numerical control is your ideal choice.

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